Open Source Comes to Campus @ City College of San Francisco

InstallFest (optional)

Thu 2/26/2015
Start time: 5:00 pm PST
End time: 6:45 pm PST
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Sat 2/28/2015
Start time: 9:00 am PST
End time: 5:00 pm PST
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Our full-day introductory workshop. Typically includes tutorials on topics like open source community norms, issue trackers, IRC and Git; a career panel; and a contributions workshop where attendees make their first contributions to FOSS projects.

Click here for more information about class levels in this course!

How the day will go

Asheesh, one of the founders of OpenHatch, will be leading the lectures and guide mentors throughout the day. Lectures will introduce and explain various concepts. Then, students will break out into smaller groups lead by mentors. These groups will complete small practice projects that are designed to teach valuable and lasting technical skills. Throughout the event, students and mentors will be given breakfast and lunch, have the chance to socialize with everyone and mentors will share tips and stories about entering the open source world during a panel discussion.

Topics covered

- how to discover open source projects
- how to join and read their communications (mailing lists, bug trackers, irc, etc)
- the trajectory from lurker, to community member, to contributor
- how & when to contact your chosen project about your plans for bug fixes
- how to use git and GitHub
- how to find, install and build the latest development versions of the open source software you're interested in
- how to create and submit a patch for consideration


9:00 am - Breakfast and introductions

Coffee, juice, pastries and getting to know each other. Meet your mentors and fellow students and double check that your laptop is all ready to go.

9:30 am - 11:30 am - Interactive lectures and breakout sessions

Learn about what open source even is and ways to get active. Follow that up with a hand on session learning the power version control tool Git.

11:30 am - Career panel

Listen to stories and tips from the mentors about how they got active in the open source community. This is a unique chance to get to ask veterans in the industry anything you want!

12:30 pm - Lunch break!

1:30 pm - Contribution workshop

Students will be looking through existing projects, working on issues and contributing solutions. Project leads and mentors will be available to provide assistance throughout the workshop.

5:30pm - Clean up

Preparing for the Event

Please bring your own laptop, charger, and any accessories you need ( e.g. mouse). If you can't, please let us know ahead of time.

If you want to get started ahead of time, you can set up your laptop, or talk to maintainers of recommended projects, or say hello on irc -- or you could do all three! (This is all entirely optional.)

The optional InstallFest on the Thursday evening before the workshop is held at the regular CCSF Coders club meeting. We'll be on hand in Batmale Hall room 453 from 5-6:45pm to help anyone complete the laptop set up.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you will not be able to attend the workshop, so that another attendee can take your place.


TechSF is funding the honorarium for OpenHatch.

The workshop will also include a light breakfast and lunch, generously sponsored by:

CCSF Inter Club Council

Additional sponsors of the workshop:

CCSF Coders
CCSF Linux Users Group
CCSF Web Developers & Designers Club
Women Who Code CCSF

Transportation and Parking


The workshop will be at the Ocean campus of City College of San Francisco. Here's the map -- -- upper right corner shows the Balboa Park BART station, bottom shows the workshop location (Multi-Use Building, room 140).

Public Transportation:

CCSF is just two blocks from the Balboa Park BART station. There are also quite a few SF Muni routes stopping within a block (8X, 29, 43, 49, K), and many more just a few blocks away.


Freeway 280 is right next to CCSF.

Parking passes will be available for mentors. Please contact an organizer prior to the event to be guaranteed a parking pass. Otherwise, you will be subject to CCSF's parking guidelines -- $3/day in student parking lots or free on-street parking.