Open Source Comes to Campus at Rutgers

Open Source Comes to Campus at Rutgers

Sat 1/31/2015
Start time: 12:00 pm EST
End time: 5:00 pm EST
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Our full-day introductory workshop. Typically includes tutorials on topics like open source community norms, issue trackers, IRC and Git; a career panel; and a contributions workshop where attendees make their first contributions to FOSS projects.

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Workshop Description

This Open Source Comes to Campus Event will give attendees an overview of the span of open source projects and contributors. It will also lead participants through some of the basic coding and collaboration tools necessary for becoming a contributor, like irc and git. A tentative schedule is:

12:00-12:15 Intro
12:15-12:30 What is Open Source
12:30-1:00 Communication (irc, mailing lists, etc.)
1:00-2:00 Lunch with rotating career panel
2:00-3:00 Version Control Systems (git)
3:00-3:30 How to find a project
3:30-5:30 Contributing (mentors float around checking in with students around the room)


Google, USACS, and WiCS

Transportation and Parking

There is free parking on campus during weekends, and there are two weekend bus routes providing access to Busch Campus Center.

Preparing for the Event

Please bring your own laptop, charger, and any accessories you need ( e.g. mouse).